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Welcome to our Store

Here we have links to our affiliates. Some but not all provide us a return from your purchases. By buying via these links, you will support some of the deaf children of the Philippines

Feel good, buy here and know you are supporting some terrific kids.

Visit the kids here...

To help these kids, select from the below links ...

(Phone cards are available for within the USA and around the world)



Welcome to our AMAZON store

Help us help deaf children in the Philippines


Amazon, help support deaf children

Please book-mark this page.

Any time you buy an item of any kind from Amazon through our site, our affiliate link, a percentage of your purchase will go to helping the deaf children of the Philippines.

Philippine Hearing Fund, help support deaf children

Why not get a great price AND help the poor deaf children of the PI.

It's a great feeling knowing you have helped. And these kids will truly be thankful.

Thank for considering to support us!

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Plz consider purchasing using our affiliate links.


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Support us!

Help Deaf PI Kids
Shop Amazon via
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Please support the kids... buy a card or two...

This site is a work in progress.  Some of the links may not give the desired results. Our apologies for the inconvenience. For your comments and suggestions, contact

We would be happy to talk with you. M&L

Plz consider a donation. Your own miracle can be given